Your Printer has stopped? Waste Ink Pads counter overflow?

In this sale, we provide 1 reset key:

Reset key for use with the WIC RESET service reset program, this resets the waste ink pads on Epson and Canon printers.


All EPSON and CANON printers have built-in counters that count the number of pages a printer produces, the number of head cleaning performed and various other attributes. Once a critical level is reached, the printer will enter its service mode. Usually, this is shown by a message that says ‘The parts inside your printer are at the end of their useful life’. At this point, users are expected to discard their printer and buy a new one, or pay for an engineer to provide them with an expensive service.

Inside all EPSON printers there are foam pads that trap and absorb the ‘residual’ ink that is pumped from the ink cartridges during printouts or head cleaning. The printer has a counter that records the use of ink and estimates when these pads will be full. At this point, the printer turns off and enters its ‘service mode’.

We provide a program to SOLVE this problem and put your printer into operation again. The software can be downloaded for free, however, a key or serial number is required to use the software to restart your printer.

This KEY is for single use to reset your printer.

Download the software here —->

Windows OS –

You get:

A single-use serial key to access the functions of the restart service programs. The key is supplied by the  messaging service, we will send the reset key to the email address linked to your account.

Other data:

No physical delivery will be sent.

The key will be sent within the shortest time, 30 minutes after the purchase, as long as we are inside the office, otherwise, it takes a bit.

The Reset Service is available in all countries includig such as: USA, Kenya, Australia, Canadá, Colombia Bolivia, Turkey, Romania, México, Spain, Argentina, Perú,  Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, Brasil, Turkiye, Deutschland, Italia, Franqaise, GB, Puerto Rico, Romania, Polska, Rwanda, Tanzania, Pilipinas, Iraq, Viet Nam, China,  Reset Printer Indonezia… and to all the countries of the world 

RESET KEY for the WIC Reset Uility

  – One Key for One Reset